There are now high-performance air purifiers perfectly suited for size, performance and budget for homes and small spaces. Air purifier efficiency depends on certain criteria. Therefore, I invite you to consult the many opinions on air purifiers.

Obviously, the level of effectiveness of the purifier and its speed of treatment depend on the state of pollution of the air and its dimensions. This is to be taken into account in the choice of the device and its use. Air purifiers will help you breathe clean air, year-round.

Initially, air purifiers were found only in industries to filter and remove toxic residues. If the quality of the air is not excellent, the body must fight to eliminate this pollution and the most fragile people often develop respiratory diseases (allergies, asthma, cancers, etc.) whose source is certainly partly due to this pollution, although other factors may come into play.

According to the WHO, formaldehyde (the best known reason for indoor pollution) is present in all homes of the world at levels of concentration harmful to health. The WHO also indicates that naphthalene, benzene, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, trichlorethylene, radon, tetrachlorethylene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are present in many homes. On the other hand, pollution that is biological in nature is caused by bacteria, molds, viruses, pollen, etc.

Pollution that is biological in nature is frequently made worse because of humidity, heat, poor housekeeping and hot water and air conditioning installations. These issues promote the proliferation of biological agents, which increases the risk of diffusion in the environment. This is frequently the case for indoor pollution because it is particularly difficult to prevent.

Purifiers promise to filter most of these indoor pollutants. Providers of air purifiers believe that their mission is to provide relief, because air pollution affects everyone. Air purifiers frequently provide a classic pre-filter, an activated carbon filter and a HEPA filter.

One function of air purifiers, which activates when you are not present at your home, is to eliminate the odors encrusted in sheets, textiles, carpet, etc. Air purifiers also treat your habitat against dust mites and mildew. A pre-filter usually picks up the thickest particles: animal hair, hair, etc.