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For fastest communication, please email the rescue at  Our phone line is primarily for emergency use and it may take some time for phone calls to be returned due to limited volunteer time.  We apologize for any inconvenience!

Here's spokesbunny Annie with a message about "Easter Bunnies":

Annie "Rabbits are family pets, and a long-term commitment that will far outlive a holiday.  I am four years old and may live to ten or more!  Bunnies require annual vet care just like your dogs and cats, need exercise, a special diet that includes hay, fresh greens and vegetables and quality pellet food, and we need to be with your family- the whole family; we are not living toys for kids to be hidden away in a bedroom while your child ages, changes, and grows tired of the responsibility.  (In fact, some of us aren't a good fit for children at all.)  As long as these criteria are met and you have done your research, it's  not important to us WHEN you bring us home.  We make WONDERFUL family members that can add total joy to your life if you can meet our needs.  If you do acquire a bunny, we hope you will consider adoption first!  Let STAR help you get started, see the links below!

Click here for a Rabbit Care Guide!

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Click here for our rabbit adoption application!


Click to see STAR in the Tribune Review:

STAR has also been featured in the Indiana Gazette, the Blairsville Dispatch (no online link) and STAR's Founder was featured in Pittsburgh Magazine!

Q. Why are there so few animals on your site? Are you closing?

STAR has run full force since its inception in 2004.  Behind the scenes there are very few people pulling the levers.  STAR's founder- foster to the vast majority of the animals you see on our site, webmaster, correspondence representative, transport driver and home visit/adoption facilitator- can only take in so many at a time.  If you'd like to get involved as a foster home or fundraising volunteer, please contact us!


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