Advanced Air Purifiers

A combination of multiple air purifiers seems to be the ideal solution when using cleaning products. The air purifier is above all a machine dedicated to the fight against ambient pollution and the daily improvement of indoor air quality. Finally, the most advanced devices add activated carbon filters to rid the air of pollution.

The air purifier filters, which are generally washable, make it possible to preserve the service life of the other filters by filtering the maco-particles upstream. The HEPA filter also makes it possible to retain more than 99% of particles larger than 0.3 μm. Human activity also generates pollution and although it is difficult to avoid certain polluting gestures (like cooking), others may be limited: burning incense or candles, smoking indoors, using perfume, or using cleaning products (some are not essential). Remember, we breathe about 10,000 liters of indoor air every day.

The air purifier filter particles are charged with positive ions and during their passage on the filter loaded with negative ions, and they are automatically attracted and retained. As for the WHO, its findings are clear, and they say that indoor air pollution is a major environmental health problem affecting both developed and developing countries. Some air purifier systems are also based on the principle of ionization. These devices can also be used preventively by people who have no particular problems, but who want to protect their health and that of those around them.