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Animal Success Stories

Happy Tails 

 STAR wants to thank each and every adopter that has given their heart and home to a rescue pet.  This section of our site posts updates from our furever families.

Thanks to everyone who has sent updates.  We all appreciate the warm and fuzzies.  :)

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Feb 2007 update: Just wanted to let you know that Kia is doing great! It seems now like we've had her all her life. Tyler's faith in dogs has definitely been restored. I still can't believe that someone would have given her away. She is a fantastic dog and everyone who meets her falls instantly in love with her. Looking at the pictures in the calendar, it's an amazing difference between now and when she came into rescue. Her coat has grown back out and now that she's actually on dog food it is gorgeous. I will send you new pictures soon. For some reason she is afraid of having her picture taken, so it's hard to get good ones of her. Now that I've had her for a while I'm going to try to get her involved with Pets on Wheels. I think it would be a great job for her. Thanks again for letting us adopt her! June 2007 update: We are in the process of adopting a newfoundand friend for Kia. I also now have a lab since my boyfriend moved in. Her and Kia are now best friends. But, I can still help screen applications and do transport if you need it. Just let me know. Kia has just finished a basic obedience class (I know you were refunding part of the adoption fee for completing a class- I don't need a refund). She was the star pupil. She will be taking her CGC test when its next offered. I hope to do pets on wheels work with her. She did some agility work in the obedience class (and was very proud of herself), but she's too big to handle actaul agility work- she gets too tired. So, I think we will be taking rally classes in the fall when the weather breaks.

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