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9/18/2013 7:32 PM

Animal Success Stories

Happy Tails 

 STAR wants to thank each and every adopter that has given their heart and home to a rescue pet.  This section of our site posts updates from our furever families.

Thanks to everyone who has sent updates.  We all appreciate the warm and fuzzies.  :)

Please visit our Success Stories page to read all of our stories!

Her behavior so far has been PERFECT!! She is such a happy girl and hopefully the six months will go fast so that she will be able to be a therapy dog. She loves her new haircut and now she doesn't do as much panting when we go for walks. Her leg/hip are doing well and she seems to really be walking around ok. She is still on her diet and has learned that she is not allowed to take food from the kids, especially Ashlyn. Ashlyn always seems to be carrying food or playing kitchen. Penny still follows her around, but does not get anything!! She has never had an accident and still loves playing with Bonnie. Ashlyn has donated one stuffed animal which has now being ripped apart, but other than that Penny has not touched any other stuffed animals and Ashlyn loves leaving them on the floor. Penny is such a bright girl!!! Erika