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9/18/2013 7:32 PM


5 Things to think about Before Bringing Home a Bunny

1. Want a bunny for your kids?  Bunnies can live to be ten years or more- in that time your children will grow up, join sports, learn how to drive, start dating, graduate high school and go to college.  How well does this bunny fit in your plans?  Where will YOU be in the next 10 years, and how will a bunny fit into your priority list?

2.  Bunnies age faster than humans and need to see the vet regularly for wellness exams due to their ability (as a prey animal) to hide signs of illness.  Vet care for bunnies can be far more expensive than that for dogs or cats.

3. Bunnies require fresh food in their diet- greens, veggies, and a little fruit in moderation.  This can add considerable cost to weekly care.  Are you ready?

4. Bunnies are intelligent animals, not cage ornaments!  They need exercise, mental stimulation and your time.  Make sure you provide a spacious living habitat for when you are not around and give your bunny time out of its cage daily.  Confinement is unfair to these clever creatures.  Bunnies are litter trainable!

5. Many of the bunnies you see in stores may have come from greedy, careless "mills" or "factory breeders."  Consider ADOPTING a bunny and providing a homeless animal with a loving, permanent home.

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etted and microchipped rabbits, click here