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Download a foster application and FAQ below.  Files are currently in Word (.doc) format only and require a compatible word processor to read.  If you can't download or view, contact us!  Right click and choose "Save Target" to download file, or just click to open in your browser.  Save your progress and e-mail completed forms to  Thank you!

FOSTER application

Daisy LookingThis is Daisy, a young female border collie with a permanent limp from an untreated leg injury, and whose lack of exercise and socialization led to behavioral problems.  We evaluated her and were asked to rescue her but had no foster homes available.  Daisy StepsBy the time we were able to find room in foster care, her owners decided to keep her and use an underground electronic fence as containment.

Daisy is now showing aggression and has run through her electronic fence barrier to attack dogs and people walking on the street.  She still has her behavioral problems, including destruction and soiling in the house due to separation anxiety.  Her owners' solution?  To leave her outside unattended for sometimes hours a day.  She had a chance at rehabilitation, training and rescue but instead she struggles with her demons.  If we only could have taken her then, we could have prevented her downhill slide...

Fostering is the keystone of any rescue.

Fostering an animal, as opposed to caging it in a shelter, allows the animal to be properly assessed for how it will live in a "real life" home situation.  Animals who need socialization or training can receive it in their deserved one-on-one fashion.  Adopters know what is in store for them when they adopt, which is priceless!  The animals are happier, healthier, and forever grateful for this most special gift.

If you love animals, you can foster.  If you want to give something back to the animals who give so selflessly to us as people, you can foster.  Sitting by and waiting for something to happen is not enough.  If there's even a possibility that you can foster, we challenge you to give it a try!


So do the dogs, the cats, the birds, rodents, and reptiles.  So do the adopters and their families, and all of the people who help the animals get from their past to their future.  We can't do this without your help and what we need most are homes for our animals to find their salvation until they can be adopted!


It may be the hardest job you've ever taken on.  For most of you, it would mean taking your love of animals to a whole new level. It will be difficult and also breathtaking.  The beautiful relationship you have with a foster pet is like none you have ever experienced.  The rewards are boundless.

For just the cost of "one more mouth to feed" and some of your time, YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE!  Our rescue pays for everything from vetting to leads and collars, cages and sometimes even crates.  Foster homes will receive a reusable ID tag and monthly flea and heartworm preventatives for cats and dogs.  In special circumstances, we may even be able to pay for food, but typically this is a donation of foster homes.

"So what's in it for me?"Miranda Leah
You, friend, will have the greatest payoff of all.  You get the HONOR of seeing through an animal in what is very likely the most difficult time in its life.  Like that bird who must be shown that people can be trusted, or the dog who is mourning the loss of his family, or the cat who was hit by a car and left to die on the side of the road.  Your home is the beginning of a new life for a living, breathing, feeling creature who will forever be a part of your life and your heart.  Sometimes this can be trying and frustrating, but we will never ask you to take something on that you are not comfortable with and we are ALWAYS here to make sure that you get the help you need with training and/or caring for a foster pet.

What do I need to do?
First, you need to have a little bit of time- fostering can be as short-term as a weekend or as long term as it takes to find a dog a home.  STAR has a wonderful average of around one month and we prefer that you are at least available for two weeks but sometimes, we just need a safe place to buy an animal a few days' time so that it can get out of a bad situation.

Unlike some rescues, we will NOT turn you down because you don't have a fenced yard or because your house is small.  IT IS NOT THE SIZE OF YOUR HOME BUT THE SIZE OF YOUR HEART THAT DETERMINES YOUR ABILITY TO FOSTER!
After you decide that you're ready for fostering, fill out an application (found at the top and bottom of this page) which will help us in both screening and understanding your home's needs and foster compatibility.  We'll work with you just like our adopters and make sure that you're prepared for fostering.  When an appropriate pet for your home comes into the rescue program, we'll contact you and go from there.

"But I couldn't just give the pet up!"

Yes you could.  You can.  You will!  Because you understand that just like you were there when that pet needed you to take him under your wing, you must also be there to give him wings to fly.  It IS difficult.  You will be sad.  You might cry.  You'll wonder if you're doing the right thing.  But you ARE and so you'll do what you have to do. We screen our homes thoroughly and no pet goes anywhere without the foster parents' consent and approval.  Your foster will only go to the "right" home, and you will be able to find peace.  From personal experience,  I can tell you that with each foster, it gets a little bit easier.  Not because you are becoming less compassionate or sensitive but because once you feel the THRILL of seeing your good deed come to fruition, you are ADDICTED!  Eventually you foster as much FOR YOURSELF as for the animals in need!  You foster because it feels amazing, and makes YOU feel amazing! 

STAR foster homes, you are appreciated beyond all words.  THANK you for being a part of this great family of rescuers with one objective in mind: to save lives. 

Life is short, but even shorter- and often considered disposable- for our animal companions.  Think you can't make a difference?  YOU CAN!  Challenge yourself to change the world, one dog- or cat, or bird, or turtle- at a time.
Sunnie Weasley Lap
Little "Friday" curled up with his surrogate big brother, Weasley in his foster home 

My forever gratitude to all those who foster and all those who might,
Crystal Collins

Founder, STAR

FOSTER application
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