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Surrendering your pet

Animals will be taken in to STAR as room is available, based on urgency, medical health, and adoptability.  No animal with a recorded bite history will be considered for rescue.  We can help by providing resources and support if you have an animal with aggression (due to fear or other causes.)  If you wish to surrender an animal, it may be subject to a temperament evaluation.  This does not apply to certain pets and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Owners surrendering their pet may be asked to complete a questionnaire on the animal's behavior.

If you must surrender your pet but the situation is not urgent, consider keeping the animal as a sort of foster pet while we look for a home and facilitate the adoption.  Pets in this scenario will be given a priority for intake as they won't take up additional space in foster care.

All surrendered animals must be properly evaluated and preferably up to date on vaccines (when applicable) prior to placement in foster care for the safety of our fosters' animals.  Please consider donating your pet supplies to our rescue when surrendering a pet.  This is a big help to rescue as it cuts down on rescue and volunteer costs. 

STAR will help counsel you if you think you must rehome your pet but are unsure.  It is our promise that when leaving your animal with us, you will not be made to feel guilty or belittled.  We will ask you to take a long look at your situation before adopting another animal, however.  If permanent care isn't an option, consider fostering for a rescue. 



There are no surrender fees for animals coming into STAR but we would appreciate any donation you have to offer!  Remember, we spay, neuter, heartworm test, place animals on flea/tick and heartworm preventatives, deworm, and have all pets examined by a veterinarian prior to adoption. Dogs and cats are microchipped and dogs must be licensed. Anything you can donate will help absorb the cost involved with rehoming your pet.