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Sally Kong

Stuffing tips and recipes from the Kong Company

All information on this webpage as well as "how to stuff a Kong" chart are COPYRIGHTED by the Kong Company and can be found on their website.  Please see for more information regarding Kong products, recipes, a free e-newsletter and more helpful information!

Kongs are great little devices that help keep your dog occupied and calm for as long as it takes to get the goodies out of it. Depending on how you stuff the Kong it can take hours of licking. To get your dog interested you will need to pack the Kong so that some of the treat comes out easy, but the rest should be tightly packed to hold his attention. 

Kongs may be purchased online or check your local pet supply store.

How to Stuff a Kong

Tips for a successful stuffer

It is important for dogs to succeed at their "work". Make it easy to remove the kong stuffing at first. AS THEY BECOME MORE EXPERIENCED, YOU MAY WANT TO MAKE THEIR JOB MORE CHALLENGING - HERE'S HOW:

  1. Pack stuffing tighter.

  2. Wedge biscuits inside the cavity using the inside rim of the opening to secure them.

  3. FREEZE IT! Very Popular! Try various combinations of canned food, gravy, noodles, rice and mashed potatoes mixed with food nuggets and freeze. KONGSICLES are a favourite with many hot dogs! Put a dab of peanut butter in the small end of the Kong to plug it. Turn it upside down in a cup. Fill it full of water, chicken broth or fruit juice and freeze. Cool doggies! Kongsicles are recommended for outdoor use.

  4. CHEESE IT! Mix cheese pieces or cheese spread with food nuggets and microwave until cheese melts. Let it cool to a safe temperature. NOTE - Use a cup to contain the Kong when freezing or microwaving.


As you create recipes, be sensitive to your dog's tummy as you experiment. Following are recipes created by dog trainers and dog lovers worldwide.  *Note from STAR: Please remember that most dogs are actually lactose intolerant and dairy products should be given sparingly.  Try substituting plain active-culture yogurt or something for cheese in these recipes*

  1. INSTANT REWARDS: Dog biscuits, small sized mouth-watering treats (such as freeze-dried liver, cat treats, chopped sausage, grated cheese), Kong Toy. Alternate layers of dog biscuits (wedged into the Kong) with the treat bits. When your dog nudges the Kong some should fall out so he will be tempted (and rewarded) to try and get more. Shake the Kong as you're filling it so some bits end up working their way into all the crevices created by the wedged biscuits. The purpose is to let a few come out right away but to make the rest harder to get out.kongs

  2. PHILLY STEAK: steak scraps,1 ounce cream cheese, appropriate Kong Toy Place small scraps of the steak inside appropriate Kong toy. Spread cream cheese in large hole to hold scraps.

  3. VEGGIE KONG OMELETTE: 1 egg, your choice of shredded cheese, any vegetables that your pet may like, appropriate Kong Toy. Scramble egg and fold in vegetables. Put into Kong toy. Sprinkle some cheese over the top and microwave for about 20 seconds. Cool thoroughly before giving to dog.

  4. MAC 'N CHEESE: Leftover macaroni and cheese, small cube of Velveeta, appropriate Kong Toy. Melt Velveeta in microwave until gooey. Add mac 'n cheese to Kong Toy. Pour heated Velveeta into Kong. Make sure it has cooled before giving to your dog.

  5. KONG AU GRATIN: Cheese pieces or cheese spread, your dog's usual dry dog food, appropriate Kong toy. Mix the cheese with the dry dog food. Press into Kong. Microwave until the cheese starts to melt and bind the food together. Let it cool to a safe temperature. Use a cup to contain the Kong when in the microwave.

  6. SPANISH KONG: 1 egg, grated cheese and any vegetables your dog likes. Scramble the egg and fold in the vegetables. Squash into Kong. Sprinkle some cheese over the top and microwave for about 20 seconds to seal the ingredients. Cool thoroughly. WARNING - Cheese becomes very hot in the microwave.

  7. FRUIT SALAD: Apple and carrot chunks, 1/4 of a banana, appropriate Kong Toy. Place apples and carrots in Kong Toy. Mush the banana in large hole to hold fruit in place. You can include other fruits and veggies, such as, orange slices, peach and/or nectarine chunks, celery sticks, broccoli and/or cauliflower, tomato and black olive mixture.

  8. BANANA RAMA: 1 fresh banana, 2 tbs wheat germ, 1 tbs plain yogurt (can use your dog's favorite flavour as well), Appropriate Kong Toy. In a bowl, mash up banana. Add wheat germ and yogurt. Mash all ingredients together and use spoon to add to Kong. Freeze for 4 hours. Makes 1 serving for Medium Kong. Double for every Kong Size that is bigger.



  1. AUNT JEANNIE'S ARCHEOLOGY KONG (for advanced dogs) LAYER ONE (deepest): crumbled rice cakes· freeze dried liver bits LAYER TWO: dog kibble, cookies or liver biscotti · Cheerios · sugar-free, salt-free peanut butter · dried banana chips, apples and apricots LAYER THREE: carrot sticks · turkey or leftover ravioli or tortellini · Kong Toy (the larger the better!) Pack as tightly as possible. The last item inserted should be an apricot or piece of ravioli, presenting a smooth "finish" under the main opening. LIGHT VERSION: substitute  Caesar croutons for freeze-dried liver, fat free cream cheese for peanut butter. - by Jean Donaldson

  2. KONG ON A ROPE: Dry dog kibble · appropriate Kong Toy · Rope - Take the rope, pull it through the Kong Toy and knot it. Hang this upside down from a tree, deck or post. The small hole should be facing the ground. Take the kibble and fill the Kong Toy. Make the toy hang just low enough that it is out of your dog's reach. The dog will spend hours trying to retrieve the kibble from the Kong Toy. At the end of the day, take the remaining kibble and give to your pet as a reward. This is advanced work for your dog. - by Ian Dunbar

  3. FROZEN JERKY POPS: Peanut butter · bouillon · Jerky Strips · Water · appropriate Kong Toy · muffin tin - smear a small amount of peanut butter over small hole in your Kong Toy. Fill the cool water and add a pinch of bouillon. Place a Jerky Stick inside Kong Toy and freeze. This can also be put (once frozen) in a children's size swimming pool for a fun day of fishing for your pet. - by Terry Ryan

  4. SIMPLE, TRIED AND TRUE: Peanut butter · appropriate Kong Toy - Smear peanut butter inside the cavity of your Kong Toy. It's that easy! - by trainers and vets worldwide.

  5. TRIXIE'S FAVORITE: Trixie, a 50 pound Aussie/Springer mix, loves turkey, chicken or marrow bites mixed with slightly moistened food nuggets frozen inside her Kong. She is very clean about unstuffing - some dogs are not! - by Joe Markham



 From the Kong Newsletter- winning recipes!

* Newsletter 6.  This newsletter’s winning recipe comes from Deborah Chad of Worcester, MA.

KONG Ambrosia
Ingredients –
½ cup non-fat sugar free yogurt
½ banana, sliced
1 tbsp honey
1 spoonful of peanut butter
Aluminum Foil

Mix no-fat sugar free plain yogurt with a tablespoon of honey. Add a heaping spoon full of peanut butter and sliced bananas. Wrap aluminum foil around the small end of the Classic KONG Toy and scoop the mixture into the KONG. Freeze. Then hand them out when your dog is in need of an exciting afternoon treat. They have to lick the KONG to warm up the frozen treats and get it out. This keeps them busy for at least 45 minutes and gives me free time knowing they won't be into other mischief. The yogurt is also great for their digestive system!


The following pictures are used with permission from the photographer, taken at the NC zoo.