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9/18/2013 7:32 PM


Starfish to the sea animal rescue,

I want to Thank YOU!

Thank You for helping me heal.  After my beloved boys passed over the rainbow bridge, you allowed me to foster Tanner.  A "broken" baby.  Through helping him, I learned that I could love again, that I needed dogs in my life.  In teaching him to trust I also taught myself.  Although the pain will always be there, through fostering that tiny boy with the huge heart I realize it is worth the pain to have dogs in my life.  He provided a purpose, gave me a reason to hurry home, filled a suddenly very empty house.  At a time when I needed a fuzzy shoulder and didn't think I wanted one, fostering Tanner provided me with solace.  As a tribute to my darling boys I now have a beautiful garden- you see for every animal that I  foster I plant a flower for my boys.

Tori LeavesThank you for my new darling girl.  Although she did not come through STAR, you helped me find my sweet baby girl.  A rescue pup who fit my needs to the "T".  You searched shelters with me, temperament tested, walked, and counseled me on many, many dogs.  Even though my pup didn't come from STAR, you are always ready with advice.  When she developed a strange swelling at 2am the night she was spayed, STAR was on the phone assuring this hysterical new mommy that this was normal and to be expected.  Thank you for being there for me, one who has not raised a pup for many years.

Thank you for the wonder of each new foster.  How else could I ever get to know so many wonderful dogs in a single lifetime?  Each new personality, new quirk.  Who ever thought that someone who NEVER owned a dog under 65lbs, rarely under 90, would enjoy having an 11lb dog in the home?  My own dogs get a new playmate regularly, sometimes I think they believe our fostering is solely for their benefit!

 Thank you for the joy.  That first glimpse of trust.  The first brave venture into the backyard.  The first kiss (that I waited 2 months for!) from the shelter dog who cowered in her cage terrified of people.  Seeing the formerly chained dog running, playing without a care in the world.  The dog who cowered at the back steps afraid to come in now sleeping contentedly on the couch.  The wonderful emails and phone calls from new moms and dads, telling of how wonderfully their new family member is doing.  Knowing I played a part in that...

Thank you for the tears.  Each foster takes a piece of your heart with them, but with each foster loved and cared for your heart gets just a bit bigger.  Knowing that you have given of your heart to help this animal- once alone and unloved- make the transition from no future to a loving forever home is priceless.  The foster home does more than just "buy time" while the rescue finds them a home, I've learned.  You see, a foster home teaches its charges trust, love, and what "home" means.  The foster home prepares the foster to go into a family knowing what a loving home really is.  By fostering we learn about the animals, and by learning about them can better fit them with their forever families.  We begin to teach them what is expected of a "good pet".  Yes, I cry when they go.  It's hard to give them up.  But, each one I let go allows me to help just one more.  Thank You STAR for letting me do that.

- Miranda, A Proud STAR Foster Mom

 Miranda Leah
Miranda cuddling with Leah, a dog who was saved from euthanasia.  Leah went from an outright aggressive dog to a happy cuddler that knows her place with her new family and friends.
 Miranda T. has been a part of STAR almost since the beginning.  It was little Tanner, a puppy with a fractured leg, that brought us together and she has been dedicated to our rescue- and homeless animals- ever since. She even made a 23hr round trip voyage to North Carolina to bring back an american bulldog she wasn't certain would live.  She gives selflessly to the animals in her care and will always be our #1 volunteer and my good friend.  With a heart bigger than most, she sacrifices her time, energy, money and emotions every time she takes responsibility for a foster dog- and keeps coming back!

Miranda, I know that STAR would not be the success it is becoming today without your help.  Thank you for always being there- as a volunteer, an experienced dog lover, and a friend.  And thank you for your testimonial so that all can see the beauty of rescue through your eyes.

Crystal Collins
Founder, Starfish To the sea Animal Rescue (STAR)