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9/18/2013 7:32 PM

Training is the best gift we can give our canine friends.  Aside from the obvious benefits, training can offer these great positive results:
  • The bond you build as your dog's leader, partner and companion is unlike any other with training
  • Training provides mental AND physical exercise, which are greatly needed by our dogs and most of us do not provide enough of each
  • Your dog will receive all-important socialization with both people and other dogs, which will help create a well-balanced pooch
  • Training classes teach YOU, not your dog, so you will take valuable skills home with you to use for the rest of your life
  • Classes are a great stress-relieving activity for dog owners, quality time where there is no stress, just fun and learning with your dog

With this in mind, STAR has implemented an enrichment program to help our adopters and their new dogs succeed: 

STAR Pupils Logo

Attention adopters and potential adopters!  Any dog adopted through STAR that completes a training class will earn a $50 adoption fee refund!  Additionally, a FULL refund will be sent to families who earn their Canine Good Citizenship award title, upon sending us a copy of the official documentation from the test, even if they've never taken a formal class.



  • The training class must be a regular 6-8 week course.  Drop in classes or classes that last less than 6 weeks will not receive the refund.
  • At least six classes must be taken.  Missed classes may result in refund ineligibility.
  • Agility or other classes will be considered for the refund.  It’s all about getting your dog out there to have fun and stay socialized!
  • Continuing in classes is not required, but strongly encouraged (the $50 refund applies to the first class only, sorry!)
  • For CGC or Therapy Dog refunds, we need a copy of the dog's certificate before refund is given.


Buster Graduation

**INTRODUCING STAR PIBBLES!  If you adopt a pit bull or other bully breed from our rescue, you may be eligible for a special refund!  STAR encourages owners of the much-maligned "bully breeds" to be as responsible as possible with their dogs.  It is not the dog's fault that his breed has been given a falsely deserved negative reputation by the media and by irresponsible or cruel owners who choose to abuse their dogs.  We feel it is important for pit bull owners to take responsibility for breed ambassadorship and encourage our adopters to do everything they can to make sure that their dog is living up to its potential.  As a reward, we are offering a $75 (50%) adoption fee refund for bullies who complete training classes as outlined in the requirements above, and a FULL ADOPTION FEE REFUND if the dog is certified as a Canine Good Citizen.  That's a zero adoption fee and a well trained dog!

To receive your refund, complete your training course, fill out our simple refund form (copy and paste below and fill in the missing information) and e-mail it back to us at  Due to the nature of our income (mostly from donations and adoption fees) it could take up to 6-8 weeks for your refund check or money order to arrive.  When funds are available, you will receive your refund in just 2-4 weeks!  Money orders will take longer than checks in most cases.

STAR Pupils Refund Application (just copy and paste!)

Your name and your STAR dog's name:

Address where you would like your refund check sent:

Your Trainer's Name:
Trainer's Business Name and Address:
Trainer's Phone Number:

Type of Training class (basic obedience,  beginners agility, etc):

Number of sessions/weeks in class:
Graduation date:

Do you prefer a check or money order?:


 Nola Grin Student: Nola
Handler: Adrienne
Class Type: "Family Dog Training Basics"
Adopted: 11/26/06
Graduation Date: 2/25/07