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 We sincerely  appreciate every visitor that takes the time to leave a comment in our guestbook. 

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Message From: Kadie April 25, 2011
I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you have decided to adopt Murphy...not only for his sake, but for my sister Kelly and her family. They love Murphy very, very much and knowing that he will be cared for and loved means more to them (and me) then you will ever know. Please give Murphy hugs and kisses from Aunt Kadie! Thank you!!

Message From: (Private) April 25, 2011
My sister is Kelly Sekula whose dog you just adopted. Thank you for making difficult time easier for her her family. They were devastated to have to give Murphy up, but are so grateful that you were able to offer him a home. Thank you!

Message From: Kaitlyn April 25, 2011
I am really grateful you adopted murphy and he got a second chance. He is really a great dog and i will miss him a lot. This is a wonderful organization!

Message From: Karyl Doss April 19, 2011
Thumper isn't on here. He's the bestest boy EVER! Thank you so much for all your tireless work. You are an AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, INSPIRING, WONDERFUL, LOVING, person and this world is so much better because you are in it. Thank you Crystal for all you do! You are a savior and an angel!

Message From: Dave & Cathy Bernhauser October 21, 2010
Thank you for all the work that you do and especially with the cutiest guinea pigs in the world.

Message From: Dale August 16, 2010
You have a great website/ It is very user friendly and contains a lot of important information. Keep up the good work!

Message From: April April 28, 2010
Just wanted to say the story of Sunday was sad brought tears to my eyes. You are wonderfull for taking in all animals and giving them love and a second chance you are their angel. God Bless You

Message From: Elisabeth February 26, 2010
Hello just passing by ireally like what u do and love the name. Founding member of wingss over williamsport pet bird society

Message From: D Ilnycky February 10, 2010
Wonderful website - just looking.

Message From: Michelle & Dave Nevarre November 8, 2009
Crystal... Thank you sooo much for doing what you do. Jack (formaly known as Whatt Earp) is doing wonderful. We are thinking about adopting another lionhead!!! Keep up the good work...

Message From: Adrienne October 31, 2009
We are celebrating our three year anniversary in a month. Nola sends her love with a big wag. Your caring helped create a very happy family. Thank you.

Message From: July 30, 2009
Wonderful website with a great message!

Message From: Paula Berry February 19, 2009
Just wanted to thank you for all of your efforts with saving the lives of these precious animals.Keep up the good work!! I will be donating in memory of my 2 dogs, Star and Ajax,who are deeply missed and loved.

Message From: Missy August 5, 2008
Crystal, Thank you SOO much for adopting Buddy. I am sure you have given him a loving home. I miss him still everyday but I still know this was the right thing. I would love to come and visit him sometime! My fiance and I have a Rottweiller Dede and she is a big sweetie. She has made losing Buddy a lot easier! I plan to get a Labrador Retriever to keep her company once we get a house after we get married. You are truly an angel!

Message From: Emilie July 3, 2008
7-3-08 Just rereading the site, and I feel I should put into an official guestbook entry how much I appreciate the work that you do, Crystal. Thank you. Oh, and guess what? Just four more days to go until I see you AND Spooky! I'm excited! :-D

Message From: Linkrulez118 May 27, 2008
Hey there u no me, if u dont i just want to say the work u do is amazing and u should be given an award so keep it up and never stop ur work. Animals are the angels that didnt make it to heaven.

Message From: lucy June 9, 2007
thank you for finding cosmo a loving home

Message From: Erika Augustine June 4, 2007
Hey!! Just a quick note about Penny. She is doing incredible and I could not have asked for a better dog for my children and as a companion for Bonnie (another adopted dog). Having three legs does not slow her down a bit!! Thank-you so much for your time and effort that you put into this adoption. We will be forever grateful!!

Message From: MOM January 7, 2007
I am so proud of you.

Message From: Paul Zalewski March 5, 2006
If there was one person I knew could get this dream off the ground it was you. I am so very proud of your accomplishments.

Message From: Debbie Lawlor February 27, 2006
Yeah!! The site looks great! Congratulations! We knew you could do it, and you know we're behind you all the way. from Debbie and the whole Lawlor crew

Message From: Bonnie February 27, 2006
Congratulations Crystal on your new website and rescue!! I am wishing you great success and I know you will have it because you care so much. Keep your eyes on the "prize" and you will never go wrong